“Do whatever he tells you.” Mary’s words to the servers at the Wedding feast in Cana, as recorded in john’s gospel is the first of Seven signs or miracles that manifested that the kingdom of God is at hand and that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed one sent by God to redeem the human race.

In Jesus’ day weddings were big, joyful celebrations that lasted for Days or at least until the wine ran out. People came from all over To rejoice with the newly married couple, to celebrate their union As husband and wife. Mary, Jesus and his disciples were in the middle Of this wedding reception when to the embarrassment of the couple And their families, they ran out of wine. Mary, the ever solicitous Mother intercedes with her son, knowing that he will do something to help. She simply says “they have no wine.” Jesus responds “my hour has not yet come.” Don’t try that with your mother! It didn’t work for Jesus. Undaunted Mary simply says “do whatever he tells you.” Jesus tells the servers ‘fill those six water jars with water”. Scripture scholars estimate that this amounts to about 120 gallons, 12 gallons of water turned into wine, not just wine but superior wine that is normally served first. The celebration will
Continue for many days to come. St john calmly concludes ‘Jesus did this as the beginning of his signs at Cana in Galilee and so revealed his glory and his disciples began to believe in him. They will never forget what Jesus did that day.

“Do whatever he tells you.” good advice from the mother of the Messiah. This weekend we celebrate the 93rd birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am sure Dr. King pondered those of Mary many times when he was discerning God’s will in his life. He pondered those words when he accepted God’s call to serve as pastor of dexter avenue baptist church in Montgomery and Ebenazer Baptist church in Atlanta. He pondered those words “do whatever he tells you” when he accepted the leadership of the civil rights movement that confronted the racism and discrimination of Jim Crow laws in this country. He pondered those words when he planned the march on Washington and the poor peoples campaign, and when he opposed the war in Vietnam. He pondered those words when he decided to go to Memphis to support the striking sanitation workers. That decision cost him is life. As a faithful disciple of Christ, Dr King tried each day to do what God was asking Him to do to build up God’s kingdom.

The same must be true for us today. As disciples of christ, we are called to do what ever he tells us each day, to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit described in today second reading from first Corinthians to use those gifts for the common good. One and the same spirit distributes all these gifts to each person. We have to decide if we will share those gifts with all our brothers and sisters to make Dr king’s dream a reality in our time. May God’s Holy Spirit inspire and strengthen us to do his will each day amen.

Today we celebrate with dr. Isiah Warner his retirement after many years of teaching and scientific research that enriched the lives of countless numbers of people. He used and multiplied the gifts that God gave him to make this world a better place. After communion We will have Dr Warner share his reflections with us. We thank him for spending today with us here at St. Francis Xavier, focusing on the contribution of religious faith to scientific research.