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Please complete the form to request to be the Godfather/Sponsor of a child. Once your from is received, the pastor will review your submission and the parish will contact you.

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In accepting this responsibility, I affirm that (Please check all that apply):

Applies 1. I have received the 3 sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist & Confirmation)

Applies 2: I am at least 16 years of age.

Applies 3. I participate regularly in Sunday Mass and give witness to my faith in Christ Jesus.

Applies 4. I believe all that the Catholic Church professes and teaches and I truly make an effort to incorporate these teachings into my daily life.

Applies 5. I am aware that I am assuming responsibility to be a good role model for the person I am sponsoring by my life of prayer and by my Catholic example.

Applies 6. If Married: I am validly married according to the laws of the Catholic Church. I was married by a priest or deacon: or married by a minister with proper dispensation from the Bishop: I had my marriage validated (blessed by the Catholic Church.

Applies 7. If Single: I am living a Christian life in accordance with the laws of the Catholic Church (not cohabitating).

Applies 8. I am not the mother or father of the one to be baptized.